Less drama and more profitability

The Monarch Building System takes developments from slab to lock up in under a week and is specifically designed to speed up fit out.

From slab to lock up in under a week


One trade package and one accurate cost to take a development from slab to lock up also means costs associated with site supervision, procurement, handover from trade to trade, site labour, safety and clean-up are reduced.

The Monarch Building System removes the need for:

  • Bricklaying
  • Substantial rendering
  • External wall painting
  • Window and door installation
  • Application of foil wrap to walls
  • Deliveries of bricks and windows

Progressive builders who use the Monarch Building System benefit from faster access to progress payments, significant improvements in project turnaround times and the number of projects they can take on without having to increase overheads.


Greater site utilisation

External wall space is reduced by more than 50% compared to brickwork, enabling greater site utilisation.

5% more usable floor space with the same building


With a trend toward smaller lot sizes and developers seeking to efficiently maximise the yield of low-rise multi-residential developments, the Monarch Building System provides a frame and masonry cladding system of 105mm (excluding plasterboard) in comparison to a masonry wall of around 230mm wide.

The result is typically a reduced building footprint and reduced associated cost (slab size, roof area, etc) without compromising the liveable area.  This enables greater site yield in multi-residential developments.  

Alternatively, maintaining the original footprint will generally result in approximately a 5% increase in living area.



Superior quality

CodeMark certified and offering improved durability and quality at comparable or better pricing


100% accurate, complete & on time




The Monarch Building System is the result of over 10 years of R & D and long term partnerships with reputable building products manufacturers including G James, BlueScope Steel and Dulux. 



The strength of Monarch’s manufacturing process lies in strict quality control to ensure all materials are manufactured with an exceptional degree of consistency, precision and reliability.

A very high standard of durability is provided by complete waterproofing, termite resistant steel frames and preinstalled windows which avoid water ingress. Furthermore, the absence of timber in the window reveals, door sills and jambs eliminates deterioration due to the elements.

Sustainability advantages include reduced waste, air pollution, water usage, transportation energy, and a lower embodied energy than equivalent brick veneer structures.