Build Outside The Box


Building high quality, affordable homes that cater for modern Australians’ lifestyles both now and into the future presents as many challenges as it does opportunities.

Be it an infill site, detached, semi-detached, zero lot, small lot, freehold, community title, senior living or affordable housing, Monarch works in collaboration with building designers and developers, to understand the objectives of their projects and to get the most out of their sites.

We provide insights into how the Monarch Building System can be used to maximise site yield and to overcome challenges like site and location constraints and access limitations.


Monarch collaborates with building designers and advises on how best to use and customise the Monarch Building System to meet project objectives, satisfy architectural preferences overcome site constraints, reduce risk and provide project predictability.

A comprehensive Design Manual and detailed Revit and CAD files for all elements of our CodeMark Certified Monarch Building System supports building designers and architects to prepare design documentation for various residential building applications.


Once approved, building plans received by Monarch are detailed into Monarch's proprietary detailing software REWPERT and double checked by our design professionals.

REWPERT defines the building elements and produces corresponding machine data files, manufacturing assembly instructions, quality assurance controls and site construction documentation. REWPERT determines the precise onsite build sequence and ensures the elements of the Monarch Building System are manufactured and loaded onto trucks in a logical sequence to maximise efficiency in unloading and installation onsite. Predetermined engineering parameters within REWPERT also ensure complete structural compliance.


Manufacturing technology ensures the seamless transfer of REWPERT generated data files to the automated component and assembly machines.

 Such integration ensures superior levels of accuracy in the manufacturing process whilst also enabling flexible, continuous, high volume production. Each manufactured element is individually numbered to correspond with the site construction documentation. Experienced staff provide further inspection and quality assurance checks of each of the elements before they are sent to site. The entire manufacturing process is coordinated through our scheduling and resource planning system to ensure all components are completed on time and are ready for delivery.


Elements of the Monarch Building System are racked in reverse build sequence and checked by staff against despatch documentation before being loaded onto our trucks.

The Monarch Building System is delivered to site as scheduled to fit in with, and compliment, your construction program. The delivery includes: comprehensive site specific installation instructions; all certification and warranty documentation; and all fasteners and accessories. Providing you with everything you need to get from slab to lock up with less dramas, half the labour and one accurate cost.


Prior to installation the site is inspected for crane truck access and the slab is checked for accuracy.

A trained and accredited installation team stand and secure the Monarch Walls and Monarch Roof Frames, ensuring all crane work is done on day one, reducing costs and logistics and vehicles on site. Monarch Walls come with windows and sliding doors pre-installed which further reduces the number of trades required to take a site from slab to lock up with less dramas and one accurate cost.


Once the main structure is securely in place, the remaining roof framing, internal wall frames, roof sheets and rainwater goods are promptly installed.

From slab to lock up in a matter of days