Questions that need answers

How does it all work?

We are often asked questions about how our building system works and what is the performance of the products that we use, so we thought we’d put all of the answers to these questions up here for everyone. If you have any further questions or wish to discuss the Monarch Building System in more detail, please contact us.

The Monarch Building System breaks up building projects into key building elements that are manufactured in a quality controlled factory environment and then easily craned into position onsite. The Monarch Building System is CodeMark Certified providing certainty to builders that their building products comply with the Building Code of Australia.

The Monarch Building System delivers faster construction times to lock up stage and reduces trades required onsite - improving profitability through efficiency for builders and developers. It also provides an exceptional finish quality and is CodeMark certified.

The flexibility of our manufacturing technology allows us to engineer and customise our building system to suit your requirements with 100% compliance with all aspects of the Building Code of Australia. We help you to build your buildings not ours.

The Monarch Building System is delivered to site as scheduled to fit in with, and compliment, your construction program. The delivery includes: comprehensive site specific installation instructions; all certification, accreditation and warranty documentation; and a 'Monarch Toolbox'. Providing you with everything you need to get from slab to lock up with less dramas, half the labour and one accurate cost.

A trained and accredited Monarch Installation team stand and secure the Monarch Walls and Monarch Roof Frames, ensuring all crane work is done on day one, reducing costs and logistics and vehicles on site. Monarch Walls come with windows and doors pre-installed which further reduces the number of trades required to take a site from slab to lock up with less dramas and one accurate cost.

The benefits of using the Monarch Building System are many, but the 3 key benefits are:

1. Less drama and more profitability

The Monarch Buildings System takes developments from slab to lock up in under a week* and is specifically designed to speed up fit out. One trade package and one accurate cost to take a development from slab to lock up also means costs associated with site supervision, procurement, handover from trade to trade, site labour, safety and clean-up are reduced.

The Monarch Building System removes the need for:

  • Bricklaying
  • Substantial rendering
  • External wall painting
  • Window and door installation
  • Application of foil wrap to walls
  • Deliveries of bricks and windows

Progressive builders who use the Monarch Building System benefit from faster access to progress payments, significant improvements in project turnaround times and the number of projects they can take on without having to increase overheads.

2. Greater site utilisation

With a trend toward smaller lot sizes and developers seeking to efficiently maximise the yield of low-rise multi-residential developments, the Monarch Building System provides a frame and masonry cladding system of 105mm (excluding plasterboard) in comparison to a masonry wall of around 230mm wide.

The result is typically a reduced building footprint and reduced associated cost (slab size, roof area, etc) without compromising the liveable area. This enables greater site yield in multi-residential developments. Alternatively, maintaining the original footprint will generally result in approximately a 5% increase in living area.

3. Tough, durable and superior quality

The Monarch Building System is CodeMark certified and offers improved durability and quality at comparable or better pricing. It is the result of over 10 years of R & D and long term partnerships with reputable building products manufacturers including G James, BlueScope Steel and Dulux.

The strength of Monarch's manufacturing process lies in strict quality control to ensure all materials are manufactured with an exceptional degree of consistency, precision and reliability. A very high standard of durability is provided by complete waterproofing, termite resistant steel frames, preinstalled windows which avoid water ingress and no deterioration of timber reveals, door sills or jambs due to the elements.

Sustainability advantages include reduced waste, air pollution, water usage, transportation energy, and a lower embodied energy than equivalent brick veneer structures.

Calsonite® is a reinforced concrete composite cladding material specifically developed by Monarch to maximise the benefits and performance of the Monarch Building System. It has a dense surface layer, internal reinforcing and reflective foil backing, and is produced in sheets 27mm thick, 1200mm wide and lengths of either 2358mm or 2700mm. It is offsite manufactured and robotically fastened to a high tensile TRUECORE® steel frame to provide tough, durable external walls for residential homes which are installed onsite in a few days. A single, site applied acrylic render to the external Calsonite® face provides the final, smooth, clean surface finish.

Calsonite® fastened to a 78mm steel frame, cavity filled with CSR Fibertex 350 Rockwool and internally lined with standard non-fire rated plasterboard, achieves an FRL of 0/60/60 (tested by CSIRO).

Complete waterproofing of Calsonite® is afforded by two stages of moisture resistance: the aluminium foil backing to Calsonite® and the acrylic render applied onsite. This avoids rotting in the frame and internal finishes and the formation of mould. CSIRO testing for water penetration & leakage in accordance with ASTM E514-03 found "no evidence of water penetration on the back or sides of the panel" and that "no water had penetrated within 10mm of the test panel surface".

Calsonite® achieves a 6 Star Energy Rating without bulk insulation in most Queensland situations.

A concrete composite reinforced with fibreglass mesh, Calsonite® passes the 'knock test' and is not 'drummy' like fibre cement claddings. It is tough and durable whilst also accommodating a degree of slab movement without cracking. Independent tests also show that Calsonite® has at least 10 times more deflection before breakage than brick.

Made of high tensile steel from BlueScope Steel, Monarch Steel Framing is engineered to accommodate the unique aspects of the Monarch Building System including roof frame point loads and bracing requirements. Monarch Steel Framing is pre-punched to provide hold down locations, service holes and bolt attachments and is provided as a complete set of ready to install, pre-assembled frames and trusses. It comes with all necessary components, down to the last nut and bolt, allowing quick and easy installation. The 78mm wall frames also have a flush internal surface as a base for quality plasterboard finishes.

The Monarch Steel Frame has Wind Loadings/ Bracings for non Cyclonic Categories N2, N3 and Cyclonic Categories C1, C2.

Monarch uses BlueScope steel for all framing. The steel used for the wall frames is commercial grade TRUECORE® and the roof frames are made of high tensile GALVASPAN® and TRUECORE® steel.

Made of high tensile steel from BlueScope Steel, Monarch Roofs consist of a fully bolted roof frame comprising preassembled trusses, rafters, purlins (as roof battens), ceiling joists and soffit framing; and a Colorbond® roof sheet package including insulation and rainwater goods. To enable efficient installation onsite, the trusses, rafters, hips, valleys, purlins and ceiling joists are engineered and manufactured with pre-punched connection points. The fully bolted system ensures positive connections are made at every location providing robust structural integrity.

Monarch Roofs have truss spacings of up to 2400mm, providing ample space for the installation of air conditioning duct work.

The flexibility of our manufacturing technology means we can cater for a range of roof forms from gables, Dutch gables, hips and skillions and, the full range of Colorbond® colours for roofing and accessories.

Wide truss spacing means the roof frame and purlins can be installed without the need to work at elevated heights. Safety mesh over the purlins provides definite fall through protections for roofing installers.

Monarch Roofs are manufactured in accordance with pre-determined engineering parameters to ensure structural compliance and optimised site installation. All components, including roof sheets, are clearly labelled, loaded in a logical sequence and supplied with everything down to the last nut, bolt and screw. Pre-punched holes provide hold down locations for bolted attachments. Furthermore, Trapezoid Roofing with pre-cut mitres eliminates the need to cut hip and valley sheets onsite. Whether you use our accredited installation teams or your own, offloading is efficient and assembly onsite is seamless and fast, and costs associated with site safety and clean-up are reduced.

Monarch Windows and Doors have been developed in conjunction with Australia's largest window manufacturer, G James Glass and Aluminium. The combination of G James' quality engineering and Monarch's extensive design and testing over many years has resulted in a comprehensive range of common window options for the residential market. The full integration of the windows, sliding doors and swing door frames with Monarch Walls provides superior sealing which eliminates water ingress. Furthermore, as a complete aluminium system, there is no timber frame, reveal or architraves to deteriorate over time.

Monarch Walls are a technologically advanced building material that enables simplicity and efficiency onsite as well as offering improved durability and quality of finish. They are manufactured offsite, complete with windows, doors and external cladding, to suit your building design and specifications and installed onsite in a matter of days. They consist of a high tensile TRUECORE® steel frame, Monarch Calsonite®, Monarch's proprietary reinforced concrete composite cladding material, and custom designed G. James windows, sliding doors and door frames.

Monarch Floors consist of precision roll formed steel joists using high tensile steel from BlueScope Steel. For double story construction, the C section joists are 250mm deep and placed at nominal 450mm centres, providing plenty of space for electrical and plumbing services. Joists are custom manufactured to the required design and length and, and brackets are engineered for easy connection of the joist to external or internal support walls. Standard joists provide a single span of up to 5.5m with heavier gauge joists providing a single span up to 6.5m. Service holes up to 125mm in diameter can be easily punched onsite as required using a simple hydraulic knockout punch.

Monarch External Fire Walls are designed for zero boundary lots where all or part of a residence is less than 900mm from the lot boundary. They consist of a fire rated external cladding, ModakBoard, which is robotically fastened to a commercial grade Monarch Steel Frame offsite and installed onsite in a matter of hours. The walls are 108mm thick, excluding the internal lining, and are custom produced up to 6700mm long and 3300mm high. A site applied top coat to a factory primed surface provides a clean surface finish.

The fire rated ModakBoard is fastened to a 78mm steel frame cavity filled with fiberglass batts, with an R-value of 2.2, and internally lined with standard non-fire rated plasterboard to achieve a FRL of 60/60/60.

Some Fire Wall systems require a specific type or brand of internal lining. Monarch Fire Walls are tested and certified for any standard 10mm internal plasterboard making it simpler for you and your plasterer to get on with the job.