Why Monarch

Enabling project predictability and simplicity and efficiency onsite

Monarch are the leading Australian providers of innovative offsite manufactured building systems that deliver simplicity and efficiency onsite.

We enable project predictability and improved profitability for builders who are ready to build outside the box.


We remove unwanted variables

Monarch provide a new level of accuracy and quality assurance that can't be achieved on traditional sites. We provide project predictability that reduces risk, waste and logistic issues, while increasing safety and flexibility for teams.


No one wants to cut corners, everyone wants it quicker

Learnings from the past inform and enhance the future. Monarch consults with experts from all areas of our industry, and underpin our R&D with in-field testing. This delivers the most efficient and effective processes and products available.


Monarch lets you do more with less.

The solutions Monarch create are driven by the goal of improving profitability through efficiency. Reaching key construction stages with less drama improves turnover and reduces overheads. At the end of the day, it's about making you money.



The evolution of building

The Monarch Building System is largely an extension of the move towards offsite assembly of building components, including frames, trusses and windows.

It challenges the status quo of building materials and methods, yet at the same time takes into account what the building industry needs – simplicity, control, speed and flexibility.

Where it all started

The Monarch Building System was created by people who value design and quality as well as efficiency and profitability, and firmly believe that you can have them all.

The idea of developing an offsite manufactured building system was borne out of an in depth understanding of the frustrations and inefficiencies in traditional building methods thanks to many years' experience in construction, development and steel frame manufacturing. In 2003, Monarch began a major R & D project to develop an offsite manufactured building system suited to warm and temperate climates. The end result would deliver faster construction times to lock-up stage, fewer trades required onsite, a high quality finish and importantly more profitability.

R & D focussed on developing innovative materials and maximising building system performance. Sustainability, simplification of onsite tasks and safety issues were also addressed.

Innovation and Collaboration

Collaboration with architects, engineers, scientists, industry organisations, suppliers, contractors and specialist consultants was integral to this. In particular, long-standing partnership with G. James Glass and Aluminium and Dulux, lead to the development of custom window designs with superior finishing systems.

Monarch Calsonite®, an advanced cladding material was developed. Furthermore, a large scale manufacturing plant, which uses advanced automation and robotics, began producing and supplying the Monarch Building System to progressive builders in 2005.

Monarch has also invested heavily in highly advanced technology to ensure quality outcomes. Sophisticated design and control systems software guides each step of the project throughout the design, manufacturing, supply and installation cycle. Such an integrated approach to information flow, combined with high levels of automation ensures the precision of the Monarch Building System is consistently achieved.

The evolution of building

Today Monarch provides an innovative, technologically advanced solution to builders of single and double storey homes and multi-residential buildings. The Monarch Building System is ideal both for inner suburban small lots and infill sites, as well as greenfield developments.

The Monarch Building System breaks up building projects into key building elements that are manufactured in a quality controlled factory environment and then craned into position onsite. The Monarch Building System is CodeMark Certified providing certainty to builders that their building products comply with the Building Code of Australia.

The flexibility of the system's design and our manufacturing technology allows us to engineer and customise our building system to suit your requirements. We help you to build your buildings not ours.



The care and attention of a small company with the efficiency of a large one

The team at Monarch combines extensive experience in residential building, development, engineering and steel frame manufacturing. We are highly motivated and driven to seek innovative and effective solutions.

As an Australian owned family business, we are hands on in our approach and offer the care and attention of a small company with the efficiency of a large one.


We're all about collaboration.

We open dialogues with designers, builders and developers to educate and inform, while gaining insight. This feedback loop means we continually improve and refine our practice.


We create our own high expectations for ourselves.

We believe Monarch delivers - we're happy to demonstrate how, and excited about uncovering new potential. There's no challenge we can't rise to.


Let's get things done.

We have a lot of energy and capacity. We combine these to get things done, and help others get things done. Much more than just meeting deadlines, we constantly look for new ways to keep things moving, and let our customers deliver on potential.


Research & Development Timeline

  • 1 2003
  • 2 2004
  • 3 2005
  • 4 2007
  • 5 2008
  • 6 2009
  • 7 2010
  • 8 2011
  • 9 2012
  • 10 2013


  • Design and testing of a bespoke external wall system using concrete board and steel frames

    Bespoke sealed/waterproof window system developed with G.James

    German Deprag Screwdriving Technology and a range of robotic functions incorporated into the manufacturing process

  • Engagement of a materials scientist leads to the development of Monarch Calsonite®

    Rigourous scientific testing of the strength, thermal, fire and termite properties of Monarch Calsonite®

    Consultation with Sure Level and Wattyl to develop coating system

  • Trials conducted on automating fast cure render and top coat finishing of Monarch Calsonite®

    Laboratory set up to conduct structural engineering tests - bracing strengths, impact strengths and water resistance

  • Testing and refinement of resistive foil backing on Monarch Calsonite®

  • Capital development of our manufacturing plant to optimise commercial volume production and tolerances of Monarch Calsonite®

  • Extensive testing of jointing technique to eliminate movement and cracking during manufacturing

    Commissioning of machinery to enhance processes and achieve better joint drying

  • Further automation introduced to all aspects of the manufacturing process

    Improved efficiencies roof assembly

    Elimination of rendering requirement for Monarch Calsonite®

  • Factory transfer trolley system for Monarch Walls designed and commissioned

    Major review of the engineering manual to reflect current best practice

  • Development of REWPERT, proprietary software based on the drafting software Revit, that details (produces data files and instructions for the manufacturing process) all aspects of the Monarch Building System

    Extensive research and trials to establish the lowest cost finishing system that meets the requirements for appearance, robustness and longevity

  • Improvements to machinery control system for steel frame production improves reliability, user friendliness and efficiency